It's Real

from by Josh Adam

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Son of a preacher still I'm dealing with sins.
My brother copped a Beamer so I had to cop a Benz.
Reminds me of the match box toys.
Now everybody mad a both of Johnny's boys.
They hate to see one of the reverends kids
making secular music and actually getting paid for it.
You know, stuck up on that hating tip.
It's all good though. 'Cause people like me, just tryna make that paper flip.
Uh yeah celebration ish, pour the vodka up, gimme nothing to chase it with.
Tell that broad I don't chase a chick,
but she knows i got the car I could chase her with.
I just chase dreams.
Live my dream like a movie I just changed scenes.
So act up if you wanna I just change direction.
Just leave me alone let me focus on reflection, like. 

You ever think about this thing for real. (x4)
I know, I know, I know, I know (x2)
The funny thing about life is, it's real. (x4)

I used to never like what they'd say about me.
But then I learned that's life homie c'est la vie.  
Pardon my French, lost like part of my friends.
Lived a crazy life knowing God gon' pardon my sins.
Don't ask what type of car is he in.
I'm in love with the Beamer share the heart with the Benz.
Remain faithful I got everything I ever prayed for.
Can't beat that, need I repeat that.
East coast swag got my head up on a swivel.
Stay up on my toes never standing with the feet flat.
You can't teach that. I was born with it.
When I don't write rhymes they come out more witty.
Josh is , the one who dropped out of the college
then came back dropping knowledge, no scholarship.
I'm more a Francis Bacon then a Shakespeare.
Y'all more into poems, I'm into politics. Think about it. 

You ever think about this thing for real. (x4)
I know, I know, I know, I know (x2)
The funny thing about life is, it's real. (x4)


from Son Of A Preacher, released March 25, 2014
It's Real
Produced by: Stephen Tucker, Milton Tucker
Written by: Joshua Bullock, Brittany Myers
Performed by: Josh Adam


all rights reserved



Josh Adam Los Angeles, California

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